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Roles available on Onploy

We are currently helping top Australian talent to find roles in the following industries:

Software Engineering

Back-end Developers
Front-end Developers
Full-stack Developers
Mobile Developers

Retail Management

Store Managers
Area Managers

Some of the leading companies we have on board:

Working at Servian

“My overall experience with Onploy was very good. The response from the platform was quick. Got contacted by a recruiter during the second week for a good opportunity which materialized into job offer. Anna is an awesome career advisor. She paid great attention to what I was looking for. The best part was, she replied to my queries during off business hours / weekends which she didn't have to but she did.Since I got approached in the second week, I guess Onploy has good visibility in the job market. Other reason, nice goodies if you join the company through their channel.”

Full-stack Developer at Carsales

“It’s been a couple of months now at my new job, an ideal senior role and I absolutely love it. At this point, I will not hesitate to say, Onploy has outplayed here from the usual recruitment process. Thanks to Anna and her team. They are great with their commitments and follow-ups. After my successful placement, received a lovely present from the team. Strong recommendation to give it a try”

Senior Dev / Tech Lead at Lemonade

“When I was signing up with Onploy, to be honest, I did not expect the site would help me find a new job. However, the actual experience was simple and pleasant. All I had to do was just upload my CV and they helped fill out my information and then the same career advisor i was paired with from the beginning went through the whole job seeking journey with me: Updated my information; Engaged me with potential employers; Followed up job interviews. When I was exhausted looking for jobs/updating my resumes for each job ad, I dreamed that one day a job would come to me. Onploy made it come true.”

Senior Front End Developer at Origin

“Onploy contacted me about putting my profile on their website and within a few weeks I had secured a new position with an industry leader. Anna was a fantastic Career Advisor, managing the Onploy process and helping to refine my profile which resulted in a number of offers from some top organisations. Thanks again for Anna for your help!”

Working at Bardot

“4 months ago I was looking for a new job opportunity, there were certain things I was looking for before I accepted any job. Michaela helped me find my perfect job after being very patient with me . She listened to everything I was looking for and 3 months later I could not be happier with the choice she helped me make. Not only has Michaela been extremely helpful she always checks up to see how i'm going with my placement. If i ever was to look again I know Michaela is my first contact . A perfect job really does exist when you have the help off others listening to what it is you want. I have already recommended Onploy to others with the amazing service I have had”

Store Manager at Jeanswest

“I have recently had a profile with Onploy and my mentor was Michaela I can not speak more highly of the way in which she has helped me. Not only was she genuine and sincere in helping me find a job but she was supportive and encouraging. Michaela was true to her word when she said she would check in each week Michaela also took the time to get to know me and listen to what I was looking for. Michaela has made the process smooth and stress free!”

Working at Hype DC

“When I got the call from Anna from Onploy I was ready to say my default 'I'm not interested in what you're selling' but I was so excited by the philosophy of O, It was a breathe of fresh air and Anna was a Career Mentor not a salesperson, she was relatable, not forceful and very helpful. I did, and would again, refer people going through the process of looking for a job, to use Onploy. The brands they have on board were all companies I wanted to work for and after getting the position I wanted, Anna still contacts me every month to help guide me through any tough decisions and questions. I feel as though I'm in good hands.”

State Manager Super Dry

“Turning the job search on its head is exactly what Onploy did for me. I was in a position where I was comfortable in my previous role- although always had a nagging feeling wondering what else was out there. Onploy gave me a chance to create a profile with the help of my career advisor and discreetly advertise myself as available to potential employers.

Sceptical at first but I gave Onploy a go and couldn’t be happier that I did. Prior to my interaction with Anna and the team I had people convincing me I was perfect for roles I expressed disinterest in, By Anna privately forwarding jobs me jobs to look at I felt I was in control, only handing my details over if it appealed.

Finally to Anna - your genuine help and care was so much appreciated. Your weekly check ins were from a place of care and interest so for that I thank you! I’ve now been in my new role for 3 months and couldn’t be happier!!”