Frequently asked questions

Why should I sign up with Onploy?

Onploy is the new, easy and efficient way for you to land your dream job. Unlike traditional job searches where you apply for roles, with us, employers apply to you with job opportunities. We’ll also pair you with a Career Advisor who is your unbiased support person, and whose goal will be to help you navigate through the recruitment process and find the perfect job.

Furthermore, Onploy is free for all job seekers.

How is Onploy different from a job board?

Our platform offers the following advantages over traditional job boards:

  • Reduced time in job searching and completing multiple applications. Let relevant opportunities come to you.
  • Greater transparency around every job opportunity, allowing you to make an informed decision about which employer to connect and interview with.
  • We put you back in control and have your dream job find you.

Would I be a good fit for Onploy? Or should I refer someone I know?

The Onploy platform focuses on roles that we know are typically difficult to fill. For now, we’re starting with:
Front End, Back End, Full Stack, Mobile & Dev Ops.

Most of our employers are looking for talent with two (2) or more years of experience.

Over time, we will expand into a variety of other industries and job categories.

Where does Onploy currently operate?

Onploy currently focuses on Software Engineering opportunities in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

If you live outside of Melbourne or Sydney but are willing to relocate, we encourage you to still apply, as some of our employers are open to relocation or remote work opportunities.

Over time, we will expand our coverage to even more cities and states.

How much time do I need to commit if I join Onploy’s marketplace?

Because finding a job can be a very time-consuming activity, we’ve tried to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you by providing as much information as we can from the start, so you don't waste your time pursuing roles that aren’t the right fit.

As a member of Onploy, you’ll have the skills and experience our employers are looking for, so you will only receive relevant enquiries from employers, which our Onploy Career Advisors will be able to help you navigate.

If there's an opportunity you want to pursue, as with any job, you’ll go through that company’s recruitment process.

If you’re feeling too stretched at any point during the process, speak to your Career Advisor and he or she can lend a hand and help you prioritise and organise your interview schedule.

I don’t have any experience in my desired role and I’m still looking to transition into it. Can you help?

The majority of our employers are looking for job seekers with at least two years of relevant experience.

We do not provide any transition or education advice or services at this time.

What is your approval process for job seekers and employers?

Onploy operates as a curated marketplace where both job seekers and employers need to be approved before joining.

Candidates must have a completed profile and demonstrable skills for one of our high-demand roles.

Employers must be willing to provide role details, including compensation, as part of the opportunities they make available on our platform. We have the right to exclude employers for bad or inappropriate behaviour.

How long will it take for my profile to be reviewed?

Once you have submitted your completed profile, you can expect a response as soon as possible (in approximately one week).

What is the role of the Career Advisor?

All job seekers accepted onto the Onploy marketplace will be automatically paired with their own personal Career Advisor, whose sole goal is supporting you and helping you land that dream job.

They will help polish your profile to best showcase your skills and experience as well as check up on you to see how your job search is going. As experts in your field, they are there to provide support and advice throughout the whole job search process.

Your Career Advisor will be your primary contact on the platform and will be happy to answer any questions you have about Onploy.

When will employers be able to see my profile?

Once your profile has been approved, your profile will go live on the following day. You can choose to pause your profile at any point by letting your Career Advisor know. This means you will no longer be promoted to prospective employers on Onploy unless you have an opportunity in discussion.

Throughout the whole period your profile is live, you have control over who can see it. By default, we block your current employers from knowing that you’re on our platform. We also allow you to exclude other employers and agencies from seeing your profile.

What types of companies can I expect to hear from with a personalised opportunity?

We have a diverse range of companies on our platform, ranging from venture-backed start-ups to multinational corporations and we actively sign up the leading companies operating in the markets we are serving.

We have also vetted recruitment agencies onto our platform that have real job opportunities available. They have to disclose the client and the role they are recruiting for.

All employers are monitored to ensure they are operating appropriately and according to our code of conduct. We reserve the right to remove anyone who has a bad reputation or who is demonstrating inappropriate behaviour.

If I accept an interview request for a personalised opportunity, will I still be visible to other employers?

Yes, your profile is visible for the entire time it's live on Onploy, regardless of how many personalised opportunities you proceed with. Your profile will only be removed if you’re placed in a role, or you choose to have your profile paused.

When you accept an interview this only indicates your interest in the opportunity, there's no commitment to take the role at this point. If, after your first interview, you don’t want to pursue the job any further, you’re not obligated to do so.

If I decline an interview request but change my mind, how do I re-engage with the company?

We always recommend that you take up the opportunity for an interview. You may be surprised at how great the role or the company could be for you, and it’s great practice to go through the process. In addition, you can always change your mind after the first conversation.

Even after accepting an opportunity, your salary, role title and other elements of the job remain negotiable.

If you decline an offer and change your mind, simply tell your Career Advisor and they can reverse the response for you.

Should I accept opportunities as soon as they come through?

If you receive an opportunity from a company that you like, we suggest that you accept it immediately unless you are 100% sure you do not want to proceed. Most candidates get back to the employer within 48 hours. Accepting only means that you’ll start the formal interview process with the company – you can still consider other opportunities as they come up.

What happens after I accept an interview request for a specific opportunity?

Each employer has its own interview format and internal process. Most, if not all, perform certain skills tests and in-person meetings.

Some companies might bring you in immediately to meet the team, while some may call you first before meeting face to face.

I like the company but the salary is too low. What should I do?

If the salary range is in the right ballpark (i.e. within 20% of your expectations) and the company is of interest to you, we suggest you go ahead and accept the request.

We recommend discussing all opportunities with your Career Advisor. If there is a significant difference in expectation, they can help bridge the gap and provide you with ideas on other remuneration options to consider discussing with the employer.

Remember, an upfront salary range can be negotiated before a final offer is presented. Many employers may adjust their final offer based on your skills as revealed throughout the interview process.

My employer is on Onploy. Will they be able to see my profile?

You’re in control of your Onploy profile. We automatically hide your profile from your current employers. You may also hide your profile from any other hirers in the marketplace.

Can I rejoin Onploy’s marketplace again if I was unsuccessful in getting a job the first time?

Job seekers can participate in our marketplace each time they are in the process of their job search.

Our platform is highly curated with a limited number of spots for job seekers, so we do give priority to new people that are yet to experience the marketplace.

We want to be an outlet for candidates to get back on board each time they are looking for their next job opportunity so the option to re-join is definitely on the table. Please speak to your Career Advisor to discuss further.

Can I remove my profile from Onploy?

Your privacy is very important to us. You can hide your profile from the marketplace at any time. Once you hide your profile, you’ll no longer appear in any search results. Employers that you’ve accepted an interview with, however, will continue to see your profile.

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