Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Onploy?

Onploy is a new talent sourcing channel to add to your suite of recruitment options. Use Onploy when you’re looking to source talent for typically hard-to-fill roles. Onploy gives you access to a pool of highly qualified candidates who are actively looking for their next career move.

The simple, highly efficient platform begins with the talent rather than the job opportunity. We actively search for the best talent to be showcased on our platform.

How much do you charge?

Employers can view candidates on Onploy for free. When you employ a candidate sourced from Onploy, we charge a per-talent conversion fee.

What sort of candidates are on your marketplace?

Onploy’s marketplace is focused on providing candidates who are actively seeking their next job.

We currently have candidates available in:

  • Retail Management (Assistant managers, store managers, area managers, etc)
  • Software Engineering (Back-end and Front-end developers, Mobile developers, DevOps, etc)

We focus on candidates with approximately two (2) to eight (8) years of experience.

Overtime we will expand our talent base to include other hard-to-fill roles.

We’re interested! How can my company join Onploy?

Go to to apply. It’s a quick and easy process.

As a curated marketplace, our commitment is to deliver you high-quality and active candidates while providing talent with exciting, real job opportunities. Therefore, we ask both parties to go through an application process before joining our marketplace.

Once you submit your application, we’ll reach out and discuss your requirements within days.

Once accepted, you’ll receive a fresh pool of qualified candidates in your areas of interest on a weekly basis.

Why do I see different candidates every week?

Onploy is an active marketplace of qualified, available talent. It is not a database. As such, we have new talent joining Onploy every week who are actively seeking their next career move.

Candidates will stay on the Onploy platform for four weeks or until they secure a new opportunity.

Where do you source your talent from?

Finding talent is hard and as such we use a number of ways to attract top candidates to our platform. We leverage a number of online channels as well as proprietary sourcing tools and techniques to identify potential candidates who are ready to look for their next opportunity. Additionally, we use more traditional sourcing methodologies such as networking, word of mouth and referrals.

A candidate rejected my initial personalised opportunity. What should I do?

If a candidate rejects your initial interview request, we’ll work with you to identify the potential factors (for example, salary or job scope) and give you the chance to revise your opportunity to meet the candidate’s expectations, if appropriate for both parties.

There are also new active talent joining the marketplace every week, and there may just be the perfect candidate for your company.

Can I contact the talent on Onploy outside of the marketplace?

No. All candidates should be contacted via the Onploy platform only to ensure that both you and the candidate get the best experience possible. Any breach of our terms of use may result in your company being removed from our marketplace.

Is there a discount if I hire multiple people from Onploy?

Not right now. There is a talent conversion fee for every role that is filled.

Can I see if other companies have approached the candidate I’m interested in?

No. You cannot see who has approached the candidate you’re interested in.

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